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100% VEGAN

essentiALA® PURE ESSENCE is a natural source of essential fatty acids Omega 3 + 6 + 9 which are only plant-based!

essentiALA® PURE ESSENCE is obtained in 100% from flax by esterification of linseed oil.


What is important, the esterification process removes cyanogenic flavonoids (potassium cyanide) which are present in the linseed oil. They are naturally present in each linseed oil, regardless of the place and method of production. Because of the presence of cyanogens, it is not recommended to consume raw linseed oil. In several European countries, its retail sale is prohibited.

The purity of essentiALA® PURE ESSENCE is confirmed by the independent studies conducted by recognized laboratories.


essentiALA® PURE ESSENCE is deprived of the high-calorie glycerol, found in linseed oil. As a result, the daily dose of essentiALA® PURE ESSENCE is only 32 calories!

More about the advantages of essentiALA® PURE ESSENCE if compared to other natural plant sources of Omega 3 (see here: section with the table)


EssentiALA Pure Essence takes the form of monoesters, thereby, it is stored in the blood serum for 24 hours after consumption and has health-improving properties. Linseed oil, like fish oil is in the form of triglycerides. That is why, after consumption they are mainly used by the body for energy purposes.


The content of essential fatty acid Omega 3 in fats is small; that is why, it is recommended to use the supplementation in the form of EssentiALA Pure Essence.

Only linseed oil has a high content of essential fatty acids Omega 3, but its excessive consumption may cause problems for the liver and kidneys due to the presence of high-calorie glycerol and cyanogens.


Plant oils, as well as plant- and animal-based fats contain EFA Omega 3; however, that amount is not sufficient for a human.