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Characteristics and storage of the product:

essentiALA® PURE ESSENCE in the form of monoesters is a liquid with a golden tone. During the process of esterification the characteristic unpleasant flavour of the linseed oil was precipitated. The taste of essentiALA® PURE ESSENCE is usually considered neutral. Naturally, because of its origin, it has neither the unpleasant fishy smell, nor taste.

EssentiALA contains:

  • alfa linoleic fatty acid (ALA, n-3, Omega 3), 57,6 % vol.,
  • linoleic fatty acid (LA, n-6, Omega 6), 17,0 % vol.,
  • oleic acid (OA, n-9, Omega 9) 15,4% vol.

EssentiALA Pure Essence is a nutraceutic –  product isolated from plants, its concentrated bioactive components can modify physiological and metabolic functions, and thus have positive impact on the human body.

A closed package can be stored at room temperature. After opening, the content of the bottle should be used within 3 months.

Monoesters have an extraordinary ability to macerate the herbs – in order to obtain, for example, peppermint flavor, one can throw into the bottle a few fresh mint leaves. After a few days essentiALA® PURE ESSENCE will have a nice, clear, minty colour and a delicious taste.

The product should be stored in its original packaging.



Adults are instructed to consume 1 teaspoon (4 mi) of essentiALA® PURE ESSENCE daily during the meal. This will meet the daily body’s intake for EFAs.

Children should take half this dose (half a teaspoon – 2 mi).

essentiALA® PURE ESSENCE is stored in the body for 24 hours. It is sufficient to take it once a day.

The package contains 120 mi of essentiALA, which meets the monthly demand for Omega 3 and Omega 6 EFAs for an adult.

The product can be consumed directly or it can be added to food – such as cheese, yoghurt, salad.

This is especially convenient when it comes to the administration of essentiALA® PURE ESSENCE to children.