The highest assimilability

Most of the Omega 3 supplements contain hardly assimilable and indigestible animal or plant fats, antioxidants and preservatives.

EssentiALA Pure Essence consists of over 90% of ultrapure Omega acids isolated from flaxseed oil. These compounds have been  esterified from triglycerides to ethyl esters to protect their beneficial biological properties from oxidation, isomerisation and peroxidation. Thanks to the manufacturing process essentiALA is thermally stable and resistand to sunlight exposure – can be heated up to 300 Celsius degrees without changing its properties. Proprietary manufacturing process eliminates also toxins and harmful substances naturally present in the flaxseed oil.

Thanks to above fatty acids Omega3 can be easily and efficiently absorbed by human body. The assimilability of Omega 3 from EssentiALA Pure Essence depends on the body’s demands – the higher demand = the better assimilation. EssentiALA Pure Essence consumed in excess amount is simply excreted from the body.

The slower more sustained release of essentiALA fatty acid ethyl monoesters patented formula improves fatty acid absorption in tissues over a 24 hour period instead of peaking in 3 to 5 hours, as with many other omega products.

For comparison, Omega3 acids in the form of triglycerides (plant or fish origin) are stored only for about 3 hours after consumption as they are digested in the body with a number of lipases and are mainly used for energy purposes.

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