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All you need to know about Omega 3 + 6 acids

Little is spoken about it; however, the type of Omega-3 acids (plant origin – ALA or animal origin – DHA), as well as a place, a way of obtaining them and the form in which they appear affect the safety of use of this supplement which is so essential for our health.

Fish oil

A few decades ago fish oil was a valuable source of 012Omega acids and other essential nutrients and vitamins. The fish catches were mostly natural and the seas and oceans were much cleaner than nowadays.

Currently, the vast majority of fish come from farms where pesticides, antibiotics and hormones are used in huge amounts. Whereas the natural waters are polluted with heavy metals, especially mercury. All this is stored in the fat of the fish.

In Europe it is strongly promoted to eat fish. A huge contribution is made by the fishing lobby groups. For comparison, in Scandinavian countries it is prohibited to consume fish from the Baltic Sea by pregnant women and children. For adults, it is recommended not to eat them more than once a week!


The number of people in the world is rapidly increasing. This; however, cannot be said about the fish. There is a lack of fish oil on the market and profit-oriented industry is trying to obtain it from leftovers like the ground fish spines and fish bones. They are supplemented with plant oils such as canola oil and such mixture is sold as low costs fish oil in the form of liquid or capsules.


There are trace amounts of content of pure Omega acids in such liquid. In order to meet your organism’s daily intake, plenty capsules of fish oil shall be consumed. It is also worth to mention that the most commonly sold Omega3 disappears from our system after 4 hours, because it is digested in the body by a series of lipases and used mainly for energy purposes.

Patented formula of molecules, ultra-clean monoesters Omega3, makes EssentiALA easily absorbed and also keeps in blood plasma by 24 h after ingestion.

Linseed oil

The most efficient source of plant-based Omega-3 fatty acids is linseed oil. Dr. Budwig used to use it in the process of creating her famous diet.

There is no doubt that consuming a few tablespoons of linseed oil a day, can provide the large amount of Omega acids to our body. Studies have shown however, that the oil extruded from linseed contains cyanogens (potassium cyanide) which is harmful for kidneys and liver. This compound, as it turned out, is  present in leen and is a natural form of defense against herbivores.

In addition, linseed oil is a liquid oil highly unsaturated, which means that it easily reacts with oxygen and contains the high-calorie glycerol.

Dr. Budwig eventually ordered to supplement her diet with a large amount of curd cheese that was supposed to act protectively.

It is the way the essence of ALA acids was created.

It was obtained with the use of unique patented process of esterification of linseed oil.

Polish scientists have developed an innovative process of esterification of linseed oil, which removes from flaxseed oil all that is harmful and leaves all  that healthy.  During this process, unnecessary substances are removed, and fatty acids take the form of most bio-available form of ultra-pure monoesters, that can be used safely by all adults, children, infants and pregnant women as per and in accordance with the results of toxicological tests.

In the production process of essentiALA, flaxseed oil has no contact with the air, the whole technology is carried out in a protective atmosphere of nitrogen. As a result, falxeed oild is tranformed into Omega fatty acids monoesters– small molecules in ultra-pure form, which is the essence of Omega 3, 6 and 9 concentrated to 92%.

Thanks to the patented technology essentiALA is absorbed quickly and efficiently. One teaspoon (4 ml) of essentiALA provides the daily recommended amount of Omega-3 fatty acids, and beneficial effects remains in the body for up to 24 hours.


The immune system

  • They strongly support the proper functioning of the immune system, thus, we effectively defend ourselves against any viral infections.
  • They support regenerative processes and can work well in prevention from any kinds of cancer, asthma and various allergies.

Cardiovascular system

  • They have a positive influence on the increase of levels of “good kind of cholesterol” (HDL) and at the same time reduce the level of “bad kind of cholesterol” (LDH),
  • They effectively support the treatment of hypertension
  • They lower the level of triglycerides in the blood and significantly reduce the risk of a heart attack, as well as a stroke. This is because Omega 3 + 6 cover the blood vessels.
  • They work like a teflon, by preventing the adhesion to their surfaces and have anticoagulant properties.
  • They stabilize the heart rhythm
  • They improve the elasticity of the artery walls

The brain and the human nervous system

  • They provide the proper development and functioning of the nervous system, including the center of vision and coordination.
  • They are one of the basic substances responsible for building the cerebral cortex
  • They prevent from brain diseases and nervous system dysfunctions, such as Alzheimer’s disease, ADHD, dyslexia, depression.
  • They support the processes of remembering and concentration in children.
  • They significantly improve the operation of brain as far as learning, focusing attention and remembering process is concerned.